Wallflower Series

Magnified glimpses of historical still life paintings caught in a hall of mirrors. The cut flowers are a surrogate body striving to be seen. Evocations of absence and presence share the stage. (All works are oil on canvas.)

Erased Photograph series

Photographs of the traces of ink left behind after the images' erasure. The original image has been brushed away from the inky surface of corrupted digital printouts. (Limited edition prints.)

Ornament Series

Sartorial skeletons from fantastical bodies of couture dresses painted as imaginary portraits.  As Claudia Rankine wrote in her book Citizen: “...no amount of visibility will alter the ways in which one is perceived.” (All works are oil on canvas.) 


Small painting studies inspired by processes of erasure and the affect of textiles. (All works are oil on canvas.)

Portrait Series

Portraits of an image/figure caught in a state of metamorphosis. Fragments are selected from a series of images that captured the original photograph dissolving into a pool of printer's ink. (All works are oil on canvas.)


A series of prints created through traditional, experimental and digital processes. (Works on paper. Limited editions.)